Active Component
Gymnemic acid
Not less than 7.0% of Gimnemic Acid
Physiological Functions
・Controlling sweet taste
・Controlling absorption of sugar in the body
・Weight reduction
・Restoring pancreas functions
・Anti-tooth decaying effect
Product detail
Health Food / Gymnemic acid / HPLC / Powder

A green to green-brown powder.

Plant of Origin
Gymnema sylvestre (Leaf)
Gymnema sylvestre R.Br.

Gymnema Sylvestre
Gymnema sylvestre, a family of Asclepiadaceae, is a perennial plant originated in India.
In India, there is a locally descended medical science with the history of 2,000 years called "AYUL-VEDA" in which all treatments are done with natural materials.
Among those materiales, Gymnema sylvestre has always been used as a herb good for diabetes treatment, and also as a diuretic, a digestive and a tonic.
The word "Gymnema" is said to be derived from a Hindu word "Gurmar", a sugar destroyer, because a bite of Gymnema sylvestre makes you feel no sweet taste of sugar.

  • For health food for diet
  • Prevention of diabetes
  • For protection of decayed tooth processed in foods