PEXT(Peanut skin extract)

Active Component
Not less than 38.0 % of proanthocyanidins (as total flavonol)
Physiological Functions
1) Anti-aging and inflamatory activity:
・Radical scavenging activity
・Inhibitiory effect on oxidative DNA injury
・Inhibitiory effect on arthritis

2) Anti-allergic activity:
・Hyaluronidase inhibitory activity

3) Anti-HIV activity
Product detail
Health Food / proanthocyanidins / Brown powder

Brown powder

GMP.gif ■Plant of Origin:
Peanut skin

This product is manufactured in the facility authorized by JIHFS GMP which conforms to the GMP Guideline by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
(JIHFS: The Japanese Institute for Health Food Standards)