We are holding our 10th “tokiwa Webinar” on February 24th at 16:00, Japan time.


Title: 100 Products and counting! Let us introduce tokiwa’s FFC certified ingredients!


Topic: Introduction to tokiwa’s FFC* certified ingredients, used for over 100 FFC products in the market.

*FFC = Foods with Function Claims
→ Japanese labeling system for foods with certified beneficial functions


This webinar will feature the top 5 FFC ingredients, including Ginger Warmer™, a recently launched ginger extract for body heat regulation, and VENETRON®, a popular sleep-aid ingredient extracted from rafuma leaves.


In Japan, FFC product market is estimated to surpass JPY 300 billion (approx. USD 2.8 billion) by April, 2021. With many growing trends focusing on healthy lifestyle, it is definitely an area of target we cannot miss!


Webinar details 

Date & Time: February 24th, 2021 (Wed) 16:00~16:30 (Japan time)

Capacity: 100 audiences

Fee: Free *(Pre-registering required)

Topic: Top 5 FFC Ingredients

  1. VENETRON® (for better sleep)
  2. BILBERON (for eye-care)
  3. GINKGOLON (for better memory retention)
  4. SIRTMAX (for better circulation)
  5. GINGER WARMER™ (for regulating body heat)

Language: JAPANESE


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