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Businesses scope

Ingredient Manufacturing

API / HFI / Cosmetic ingredients / Food Additives

Contract Manufacturing

Ingredients / Intermediate


Supplements / Cosmetics


Research Reagents / Contract Manufacturing / Metabolomics


R&D Department

We strive to become the world’s best phytochemical manufacturer through investing in “human resource”, “material”, and “knowledge”, and eagerly expanding our business.

As of our 70’s anniversary, we’ve set our goal to become the best phytochemical research institute in the world.
We continuously work hard to have consistent quality in our existing businesses, while also expanding our business by introducing new values.
Not only we are open to newly expanding markets and fields, thinking two steps ahead and adapting to ever-changing trends are our company’s strength.

Manufacturing Department

~We provide excellent quality with the best technology~

Our biggest goal is providing our clients with products that fully meet their expectations. 

“Providing excellent quality with the best technology” has always been our motto.
The manufacturing department accurately carries out the procedures from obtaining raw materials to shipping out our finished products.
Creating products that fully meet our clients’ expectations is our biggest objective.
We make our best effort to suit various types of needs, such as supplying our original products , contract manufacturing, and producing high purity compounds.
We believe that these are only achievable by becoming an irreplaceable company, through performing our own “human resource development & monodzukuri (craftmanship)” and never forgetting to appreciate “plants” and the environment.

Quality Assurance Department

Our job is to make sure that our products are safe and high quality.
We ensure our safety and quality from many different angles.

Our quality assurance department is independent from our manufacturing and quality control departments.
To eliminate any risk factor and meet our customers’ expectations, we carefully observe the manufacturing process, product quality, and the sanitary conditions.
Every year, we are accepting over 60 inspections from a number of different agencies/companies, such as U.S. FDA, Russia, and pharmaceutical/supplement/retail companies.
Investigating our materials’ traceability, bringing in the Positive List System (for remaining agricultural chemicals), and seeking even better methods by visiting other industries, are some of the efforts we make to ensure safety and quality.

Overseas Trading Department

~Striving to become the world’s best Phytochemical Industry~

We are projecting TOKIWA’s research and technology out to the world.

Our international business section deals with obtaining supplies from abroad, and manufacturing and vending our products globally.
Discovering and harvesting new plants, reaching higher competitiveness in the international market, and manufacturing products with our original R&D approach, are some of the works we do to raise our value as an industry.
To become a truly reliable global industry, we continuously work hard to create a sustainable relationship between plants and humans.

Sales Department

With great appreciation for our customers,
we are always ready to welcome more Tokiwa-fans!

Contributing to people’s health and beauty through promoting our products is our greatest pleasure.
Our sales department can provide a lot of support to our customers. This is made possible by all other departments work together as one.
We strengthen our proposal-based business.
From market trends information to detailed research analysis and reports,
we are capable of taking on a variety of requests.
Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.