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Until today, we have been involved in developing technologies for extracting and refining over 2000 phytochemical compounds from 500+ species of plants.
With refined skills and excellent performances, we are happy to present you with safe and effective ways to extract compounds with minimal disturbances to their nature.

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Extraction and Refinement Technologies

Extractors/Stirring Tanks

Extraction is possible not only with water, but also with low to high concentration of alcohol. Extractors and stirring tanks each contain their own decompression unit and condenser and allows the operations to be paired with different conditions, such as reflux and evaporation. Our facility is equipped with several tanks ranging in size from 50 ~ 10,000 liters.

Refining Facility

The facilities are made to efficiently separate and concentrate target compounds. We utilize our years of experience and knowledge to make specific customizations possible, allowing differentiation amongst other industries and/or improvements in product designing by using highly concentrated compounds.


We are equipped with several types of centrifuge to meet different conditions; the basket type centrifuge to collect crystals, the decanter centrifuge to remove large amounts of solvent, and the disk separator, which allows efficient centrifugation with high speed, and more.

Vacuum Pump

Some plant extracts can be sensitive to heat. Vacuum pump allows drying and compressing of solvents under low temperature and vacuum condition.

Freeze Dryers

Dehydration is done while maintaining the temperature below the eutectic point of the target product. Since the drying process is done without melting the compounds/substances, it allows the entire procedure to be done under low temperature, and limits unwanted side effects like color change or degradation/binding of the materials.
【Ideal candidates】
Dyes (anthocyanin, carotenoids, etc.), saccharides, amino acids, glycoproteins, polysaccharides, algae-based materials, materials containing saccharides and/or proteins, materials sensitive to heat

Spray Dryer

Spray dryer instantly dehydrates plant-derived extract by spraying it into heated air. It is capable of drying large amounts of liquid in a short period of time, and is applicable for various liquid forms.


These machines are used to provide uniform quality in our powder products. We mainly use V Blenders and Nauta Mixers, with capacity of 150 ~ 1,500 L.

Pilot Plant

We use the pilot plants when moving on to a larger-scale production, where 50 ~ 200L test extraction is possible.

High Pressure Homogenizer

By continuously sending the substrates through a valve under high pressure, shearing and colliding can happen, which can result in superfine emulsions, dispersion, shrinkage, or homogenization. It is also possible to rupture cell walls/membranes to efficiently obtain the materials within.

Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) Sterilizer

Commonly used for milk pasteurization, this machine uses a rapid heating and cooling system to effectively kill off microbes with minimal damaging to the quality of the products.

Turbo Screener

Cylindrical screen and rotating blades inside turbo screeners disperse the powder. The screen is applied with repeated vibration to avoid clogging, which permits efficient filtering of powders, even for products with low specific gravity.

Ultrafiltration Membrane

This technique separates particles on molecular level by size exclusion method. It is ideal for processes that are nearly impossible using other methods, like splitting large compounds and desalting small minerals. It also has the capacity of processing other tasks, such as compressing heat-unstable compounds.

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