Message from the President

Collaboration of Phytochemistry and Medicine for the Service to Humanity

Thank you for visiting our website. Tokiwa was founded in 1949 by the former head of the National Institute of Health in Japan, Dr. Jin Matsuo, and we had the honor to celebrate our 70th anniversary in October, 2019. We are grateful for all your support.


We are no experts on botany, natural medicines, natural chemistry, microbiology, study of medicine, nor agricultural science. However, we succeed as an industry by specializing in phytochemistry.


We seek new ways to utilize phytochemical compounds to give back to the community, and provide services that are unique to our profession.


The health products market is a dynamic thing. Since the aim to “have long and healthy life” became one of Japan’s SDGs, the demand for preventive healthcare is increasing. We see a great chance for ourselves, as the field of phytochemistry plays a huge role in Food with Function Claims (FFC) and other healthcare and food products.


With 100th anniversary in sight, Tokiwa is currently entering a new phase as a company, and we have set ourselves a new goal—becoming the world’s best phytochemical industry.
Our definition of “the world’s best” is to be recognized by people globally; to have “Tokiwa” as the first phytochemical industry name that they think of. To meet the ever-changing demand and to support the sustainable future for plants and humans, we will continue to strive for quality and excellence with a mission in mind.

Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd. President
Jin Tatsuzaki Ph.D.