R&D Teams

About Us

R&D department of our company is composed of highly skilled workers with advanced knowledge and experience, and over half of the members have Ph.D.

There are 3 separate teams, with each focusing on one of the following; ingredient development, function research, and reagent development.
We are dedicated to publishing our own research papers and applying for patents to specify the product value and stand out in the competitive market.

Moreover, we can provide great support for your ingredient development, as we are experts in the field of natural compound purification and clinical trial.

Ingredient Development Team

As phytochemistry professionals, we work hard to find new potentials in plant-derived compounds. We stay innovative by working together with our customers, and collaborating with universities and research institutes. It is our aim to develop excellent ingredients fitting the trends of the market.

Function Research Team

We stand with our company philosophy, to “utilize plants to their full potential, and continuously seek their new values”. Our main function analyses involve enzyme- and cell-based assays, but we also invest in new methods to adapt to the diversifying functionalities. There is an enormous growth in the demand for beneficial functions as the new *FFC system is being recognized across Japan. We are equipped to support you through the process from developing to claiming the functions in your ingredients.

*Food with Function Claims

Reagent Development Team

Utilizing our technology to its full extent, we provide highly pure reagents for the use in phytochemical researches. Our core reagents are compounds found in our common products, such as flavonoids and terpenoids. However, we also offer custom purifications of the compounds of your interest.