Quality Assurance

We manufacture a variety of products, ranging from food additives to pharmaceutical ingredients.
Our hope is to gain trust from our customers and provide good health to the community, through maintaining our quality and safety to high standards.
Furthermore, we are keen on practicing Good Manufacturing Practice.
We have obtained several certificates proving GMP in our factories, and we strive to do even better each day.

Licenses and Certificates

Pharmaceutical manufacturer license / Animal pharmaceutical manufacturer license

Starting with rutin, our company has continuously been manufacturing pharmaceutical ingredients since 1949. Despite the laws and regulations swiftly changing over the years, our license is up to date through our own careful maintenance of GMP, and through inspections by the government agency. We also manufacture pharmaceutical ingredients for companies abroad, passing each country’s strict regulations. In addition, we have a license for manufacturing animal pharmaceutical ingredients.

Pharmaceutical manufacturer license

Animal pharmaceutical manufacturer license

Food Business Permits

The following permits have been granted to us.
・Permit for Manufacturing Food Additives
・Permit for Manufacturing Soft Drinks
・Permit for Manufacturing Sauces

JIHFS “Certificate of GMP for Health Foods”

Our company has received the certificate of GMP for Health Foods by *JIHFS in 2010. Since then we’ve been following its guidelines and expanding the manufacturing of health food ingredients, including *FFC suitable products.
*JIHFS = Japanese Institute for Health Food Standards
*FFC= Food with Function Claims

Certificate of GMP for Health Foods

HACCP Certificate of Codex Alimentarius

To maintain our good sanitary standards and to strictly follow the new HACCP sanitary guidelines effective since June 2020, we’ve obtained the HACCP Certificate based on the Codex Alimentarius in 2018.

SGS HACCP Certificate


*Certified Client Directory

HALAL Certificate, Kosher Certificate

We are working towards inclusiveness of different cultures and religions. Some of our ingredients have been HALAL certified and/or Kosher certified.

HALAL Certificate 


Kosher Certificate

HALAL: “Halal” means “legal” or “permitted” in the context of Islamic law, and it signifies food consumable under the regulation of Islam.

Kosher: The word “Kosher” derives from “Kashrut,” the food regulation under Judaism.


Feed manufacturer, Feed importer
Audits on Outsource Companies and Supplier Companies

Inspection authorities / User Audit

We are welcoming about 60 audits and inspections in a year at this company,
including ones from outside of Japan, such as the U.S. FDA.
And through receiving valuable comments and feedbacks from them,
we continue to learn and improve our quality.

Self-audit and Training

As a part of self-inspection regime, we have regular factory patrols by our quality assurance department.
On top of that, we hold onsite trainings and attend seminars outside of the company in efforts to expand our knowledge and improve our technology.

Audits on Outsource Companies and Supplier Companies

In order to meet a variety of requests, we work with outsourcing companies in and out of Japan for some of the product manufacturing.
These companies not only go through regular inspections under our company standards, but their product quality is also assessed extensively at our factory’s quality control department.