Society & Environment

We are actively approaching different societal and environmental issues to create a better community.

We keep our herb garden open to the members of the community, and participate in cleaning activities regularly.
We are always looking for things we can do to help create sustainable society and environment.

Sakura Herb Garden / Medicinal Herb Encyclopedia

Our 5000m2 herb garden sits right next to our main factory. Since 2002, we’ve been welcoming visitors for free.
Our garden harvests a variety of plants, with over 100 different species of medicinal herbs and other unique plants from around the world, and we host events for some seasons.
Additionally, you can find an informative medicinal herb encyclopedia on our herb garden website.

Community Cleaning Project

Our monthly cleaning project of the streets surrounding our company buildings started in 2007 to show our appreciation to the neighbourhood.
In November, 2012, we decided to greet the people passing by under our new motto, “Simple greetings to brighten up the day!”

Participation in the community fire department

We are the members of Sakura City Fire Department’s 4th Division.
In addition to attending the fire drills, we take initiatives for prevention, such as spreading the awareness of safety during dry seasons.