Balanced Workplace

To a Workplace Where Women Thrive

We work towards workplace gender equality with several approaches.
For example, we provide trainings for new managers, and set flexible hours for workers with children.

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Employee Interviews

Work, chores, mothering, and a bit of support by my family

Tomoko K

R&D Group R&D Department Manager

Employee since 2012

  1. 1.What do you do?

My job revolves around developing new ingredients, working on paperwork regarding FFC, vending our research reagents, and managing the entrusted refinement schedules. Despite it keeping me quite busy all the time, it’s a fulfilling job to have.

  2. 2.How is your work-life balance?

After coming back from maternity leave, I took shorter hours until my child entered elementary school. Recent years, I’m working altered hours to match my new lifestyle, and sometimes I work at home half-day during my child’s summer break or other school-related events. Tokiwa is very understanding of these circumstances, and I appreciate being able to work here while supporting my home-life as well. It’s quite strenuous to work and take care of everything at home at the same time. However, I believe that people like us are needed create a better working environment for men as well. With my family’s care and support, I will keep working hard on my job, raising my child, and maintaining a good home environment.

  2. 3.What’s your dream?

I think the R&D department is the part of the company that can most directly contribute to our business philosophy, “We utilize plants to their full potential, and continuously seek their new values.” I would like to continue suggesting ideas for new ingredients, and create new values to our products.

Work-Life Balance

We are promoting a good work-life balance and healthy lifestyles of the workers through reducing overworks, extending vacation leaves, and providing various work styles.

Employee Interviews

Once a week, I go pick up my daughter from her kindergarten

Kazuhiro S

Manufacturing Department Sub-chief

Employee since 2000

1. What do you do?
I manage the overall operation of the Sakura factory as a manufacturing department sub-chief. I always keep in mind that “mono-zukuri is hito-zukuri,” and treat every day as a precious one.
*Mono-zukuri is a Japanese smith-spirit for creating the best things, whereas hito-zukuri is the growth in one’s personality.


2. How do you manage your work-like balance?
I have a day with shifted work hours once a week so that I can pick up my daughter from her kindergarten. She’s really happy about it, too. I get to communicate more with the staff as well, and it helps me to watch my daughter grow up closely, and to show my appreciation for taking good care of her.


3. What’s your dream?
As for my workplace, I want to work with a “mono-zukuri” style that makes everybody happy. I would like to also utilize different working styles myself to show other people how it can be managed. There are, and should be, various ways of working styles, and what’s important is to create a work environment suited to each individual to thrive.

Employee Interviews

Work-hour adjustment gives me more time with my daughter

Yusuke S

Manufacturing Group Technical Department Manager

Employee since 2012

1. What do you do?
I work in the manufacturing group’s technical department, designing the manufacturing procedures for Tokiwa’s ingredients and requested products from other industries. Manufacturing is done starting from small lab-scale, and we increase it to medium-scale, then to actual full-scale, and on each step, we make sure that we’ve reached the product standards and requirements.


2. How is your work-life balance?
Right now, I have an adjusted work-hour so that I have time to take my daughter to her kindergarten. Since my work is linked directly to the production site, it’s usually very hard to have some time for myself. Each morning having breakfast with my daughter and chatting with her on the way to her kindergarten is super precious to me.


3. What’s your dream?
I want more people, especially the younger workers with families to utilize this system. I think it’s crucial for our happiness. I also want to work towards better health of our community by producing great products.
It hasn’t even been 10 years since I joined this company, but I feel like the society has changed so much. As a member of Tokiwa, I want to be unafraid of change, and create a comfortable working environment for my colleagues.