Employees’ Health

As it’s stated in our philosophy, I feel strongly about keeping my team fulfilled.

SDGs cannot be considered success unless we ourselves are healthy in the first place.

Therefore, we proposed 7 simple steps to keep the doctor away.

  February 1st, 2021

TOKIWA Phytochemical Co., Ltd. President

Jin Tatsuzaki Ph.D.

The 7 Steps

1.Don’t forget to appreciate the small things

Our lives are supported by plants, people, and the society surrounding us.
We shouldn’t forget to show our appreciation through our actions, and help sustain our great environment.

2.Have a healthy lifestyle

[Physical Health]

Maintain a strong body by having 3 nutritious meals per day and chewing well.
Provide the workers with healthy lunch and a relaxed dining space.

[Mental Health]

Provide a stress-free work environment and support for wellness.

3.Get moving

Exercise is the key to good health.
We must support the employees through morning stretches, awards for long-distance walks, and more.

4.Take advantage of the TOKIWA supplements

Addition to the balanced lunch, we provide our exclusive supplements for our employees’ health.

5.Create a supportive workplace

Create an environment that keeps colds and flus out.
Early-stage symptoms of cold are enough to take days off.

6.Spread the knowledge to end the flu

Knowledge and information about nutrition, exercise, and health are shared among the workers to bring awareness.

7.Keep the healthcare proactive

Addition to the mandatory health checkups, workers aged 35 and older are recommended and supported to do full physical examinations.