Tokiwa Business & SDGs

Advocating Sustainability

In April, 2020, “Sustainability Control Office” and its subdivision, “Sustainability Advocating Group”, have been established under the supervision of Tokiwa’s president.
“Sustainability Control Office” makes decisions, and “Sustainability Advocating Group” creates systems and manages activities related to sustainability.
We have an environment where every employee takes part.

Our Products’ Contributions

The ingredients we manufacture at our factories are primarily used in products designed to support and improve human health.
“Tokiwa” may not be a name people recognize,
but we will continue to support our community from behind the scenes.

Traceless Factory Operation

Wastewater Treatment

We continuously work on improving our water usage and preventing water pollution. Used water from our factories are treated with activated sludge process, a type of water treatment that utilizes microorganisms to remove contaminants and pollutants in water.

Zero Emission

By making the most out or our resources and minimizing disposal, we try to keep our manufacturing process environment-friendly. For example, the plant scraps produced during extraction process and leftover sludge from water treatment are turned into fertilizer, which will then be used to harvest more plants.