Educational programs for the community

We host phytochemistry-related activities and lectures for the future scientists and engineers.
As the first phytochemical industry post WWII in Japan, we are eager to do more than just selling our products.
We believe that our programs can help familiarize children with science,
and create an ideal environment for them to learn and grow.

Labs for Elementary School Students

Since 2009, we have been hosting laboratory classes for elementary school students.
We hope to expand their interest in science through analyzing different tastes, colours, and characteristics of plant-derived compounds in the lab.

Sakura Academia for High School Students

Since 2012, we’ve been inviting students from the Chiba Prefectural Sakura High School (a Super Science High school) to attend our laboratory seminar, “Sakura Academia”.
Through factory tours, lectures, and experiments, we hope to inspire these young learners to pursue education and career in the field of science.

University Undergrad/Grad Student Awards

University students and young researchers were invited to a poster session at our phytochemistry symposium. Awards with the name of the establisher of our company, “Matsuo Jin Award”, were granted to the best presenters.