Method of Producing an Alkoxyflavone Derivative

Title of the Invention

Method of Producing an Alkoxyflavone Derivative

Patent Holder

Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd.


Tsutomu Shimada, Jinwei Yang, Yuka Koike

Patent No.

US 10,889,557

Filing Date

2019. 12. 26

Registration Date

2021. 1. 12


A method of producing an alkoxyflavone derivative involves a step of reacting hydroxyflavone derivative which is shown in the below chemical formula and dialkyl sulfate in the presence of dimethyl sulfoxide and an alkali hydroxide. Futher, in the chemical formula below, R11-R14, R21-R25 and R3 are independently one of hydrogen, hydroxyl group, ester group, alkoxy group, alkylenedioxy group, sulfonyl group and alkyl group, respectively. However, at least two of  R21-R25 and R3 are hydroxyl groups.