Active Component
free single saccharide, sugar alcohol, oligosaccharide, amino acid, steroid, coumarin derivatives, mannitol, protein, triterpenoids, polysaccharides(ß-glucan) etc.
Physiological Functions
・Lowering blood pressure
・Improving lipemia
・Controlling coagulation of blood platelets
・Anti-allergy effect
・Anti-tumor activation
・Liver function activation effect
Product detail
Health Food / 1:15 / brown powder                      

A brown powder, characteristic odor, with a bitter taste.

Plant of Origin
Ganoderma lucidum

Ganoderma Mushroom(Reishi)
Ganoderma Mushroom(Reishi) is a mushroom belongs to Mannentake family.
For about two thousand years in china, it has been valued as a "superior medicine" (the medicine without any health affection no matter how much and how long it is taken.) for longevity and for various incurable diseases.
As this fungus is so rare in the wild, it had been a very precious in the past.
However, after cultivation technique was established in the postwar era, Ganoderma Mushroom(Reishi) became commercially available at comparatively reasonable price.
And with the increased public interest, a lot of scientific studies on Ganoderma Mushroom(Reishi) in many aspects have been carried on recently.

For soft/tonic drink and foods as dietary supplements
For various kinds of medical products and cosmetics
  (It is listed in JSQI and in JCIC in Japan.)
For processed foods as a dietary fiber, and as a taste modifier to put bitter taste.