Active Component
Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate
Our original specification / JSQI
Monoammonium Glycyrrihizinate 98%
Product detail
Cosme / Monoammonium Glycyrrihizinate / UV /powder

white crystalline powder, odourless, with a very sweet and chalacteristic taste.
Soluble in hot water and in 50% ethanol.
Slightly soluble in water.
Very slightly soluble in ether and in chloroform.

Efficacy and Effect
A glycoside consisting of glycyrrhizic acid to which two molecules of glucuronic acid have been bonded.
Effective in anti-allergy, detoxication, anti-inflammation, and anti-peptic ulcer applications, as well as in improving hyperlipemia.
Recent research has found that these products have an antiviral activity, an interferon-induction capability, and an effect to increase antibody-producing cells.
Orally administered for gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, acid stomach, medical poisoning, food poisoning, and hives.
Used in injection form for liver disorders including hyperergasia and hepatitis C, and for detoxication.
Also used in eye lotion, troche, and syrup.
Outstandingly effective for acute and chronic dermatitis, and are used widely as medicines and cosmetics for external application.
Also applicable as drug-taste masking agents and sweeteners.

plant of origin
Licorice derivatives