ISOMAX-30 (Soy Bean Isoflavone 30%)

Active Component
Not less than 30.0 % of isoflavone glycosides
Physiological Functions
・Estrogen-like action
・Preventing osteoporosis and inhibiting its progress
・Alleviating menopausal disorders
・Preventing breast and prostate cancer
・Preventing lifestyle-related diseases
Product detail
Health Food / Isoflavones / HPLC / Powder

Yellow powder

GMP.gifPlant of Origin
Soy bean
Glycine max L.

This product is manufactured in the facility authorized by JIHFS GMP which conforms to the GMP Guideline by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
(JIHFS: The Japanese Institute for Health Food Standards)

Soy Bean Isoflavone
Tofu, miso, soy source, cooked beans, and so forth are soybean foods Japanese people have been taken for centuries.
A recent epidemiological research revealed that in Japanese people menopausal disorders are only slight and that mortality due to prostate or breast cancer is low.
These facts are considered attributable to the female hormone-like activity of isoflavone, a component of soybean that Japanese eat very often.
For this reason, isoflavone has drawn worldwide attention.
Not tasty, the hypocotyls are often discarded during processing and are therefore rarely eaten in processed food.

As the dietary supplement for reinforcing calcium in the body, or for preventing adult disease, recommendable for those who are;
  • middle-aged ladies approaching their menopause.
  • young ladies tending to lack for calcium by dieting.
  • children in a growth period.
  • spending busy life.