Licorice Extract

Active Component
Physiological Functions
・Mineralo-corticoid activity ・Gluco-corticoid activity
・Estrogen activity ・Inhibition of testosterone production
・Antitussive activity ・Anti-inflammatory activity
・Anti-allergic activity ・Detoxification
・Improving hyperlipemia
Product detail
Food Additives / Sweetener    

Licorice is one of the herbs most often used in Chinese prescriptions.
The Shokanron or Shokan Treatise (200 B.C.) uses licorice in 80 of 113 prescriptions, and the herb appears in some 70% of the 210 prescriptions listed in Popular Chinese Prescriptions.
The efficacy of licorice, however, was virtually ignored except for its detoxification properties when used in combination with various other herbs, as described in old medical documents, therefore the plant's usage tended to be limited to that as an agent to mask or soften the taste of other drugs.
Today licorice is in wide use in various medicines to treat colds, chronic hepatitis and allergies, as well as and in supplement drinks.
Also, it is popular to be used as sweeteners in confectioneries, pickles, processed marine products, and so on, as the sweet property of licorice has the high affinity with salt. Licorice, with wide use in cosmetics as well, has thus penetrated deep into our everyday life, though most of its users are unaware of its presence.