STEVIOSIDE T100 (Stevia extract)

Active Component
a mixture of various glycosides
Physiological Functions
・Prevention of adult disease
Product detail
Food Additives / Sweetener                              

The features of our stevia sweeteners inprocessed foods are as follows
(1) Low-calorie (only a small amount is necessary because of stevia's strong sweetness)
(2) Refreshing sweetness
(3) Can reduce saltiness (softening the harsh impact of salty foods)
(4) Balances out sourness (produces a mild sourness)
(5) Does not turn brown (does not react with amino acids as do sugars)
(6) Does not cause dental caries
(7) Stable under heat, acids, and alkalis (cooking temperatures and pHs from 2.5 to 9 do not affect the product)
(8) Does not lower freezing point (makes easier to produce iced snacks)
(9) Non-fermenting

A broad spectrum of applications
(1) In salty foods, including pickles, preserves, soy sauce, miso, and fish meat paste
(2) In soft drinks (low-calorie and non-sugar beverages) and milk beverages
(3) In iced snacks, ice cream, yogurt, jellies, and similar desserts
(4) In canned and bottled fruits and other foods
(5) In snacks, including gums and candies
(6) Table sweeteners
(7) In medical products such as toothpaste

Safety of Stevia sweeteners
Food additives must be safe since, although in very small amounts, they are consumed each day over a long period of time.
To verify the safety of stevia sweeteners, various safety tests have been conducted by food and nutrition authorities.
In all of these tests our stevia sweeteners have been declared safe.
The following report from Japanese food authorities proves these results:

"Safety Assessment of Existing Natural Food Additives" -- Public Health Science Research Report for Fiscal 1996", supervised by the Food Chemistry Division, Environmental Health Bureau, Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan Names of existing additives: Stevia extracts

The safety tests conducted were as follows
1) Single-administration test
2) Repeated-administration and carcinogenecity tests
3) Teratogenecity and propagation tests
4) Mutagenecity tests

Benefits of use
The sweetness of a stevia-based sweetener varies with the purity of the stevia contents.
The sweetness of so-called "pure" stevia, having a Steviol glycoside content of 80% or higher, is reported to be 200 to 300 times stronger than that of sugar.
It has been confirmed that using stevia together with sugar and similarly isomerized sugar boosts the sweetness.
Stevia sweetener provides a concentrated amount of quality sweetness and the natural origins as a plant product make it safe and healthy.
Our stevia products come in a rich variety, available in purity of stevia extract ranging from 50% to 100% purity and in product forms ranging from powder to granules.
All these products have high water solubility and are stable under many temperature and pH conditions.