Tokiwa Phytochemical Co.,Ltd., supply the best pure compounds all over the world. We have produced them by collaboration with university, laboratory and organization of Phytochemical since last year. We supply the excellent pure compounds by using lastest equipments we developed.
In addition, we refine many herbal ingredients by the best technology of isolation and purification we have experienced.
Whenever we supply them to you, we attach on analysis report as attached document to meet your needs that is “safety”.

Moreover, we only serve original purification for your order. For instance, in case you want to get newest and original experimental reagents that haven’t published to the market yet, in case you need botanical pure compounds for gram measure ,and in case you want to isolate and purify subtle botanical constituent, we deal with the above your need seriously and effectually.
If you have any question about pure compounds, please feel free to ask us.

analytical standard coumpounds

For use example

1. analysis standard

  • Fixed-quantity qualitative analysis of the anthocyanin of food
  • Standard ingredient analysis (Bilberon-25 who is we BillBerry extract product calculates anthocyanin as an authentic sample in Cyanidin 3-glucoside by HPLC.)

2. in vitro test

The following study is performed about the functionality of the anthocyanin mainly.

  • Active oxygen elimination ability
  • The antioxidation /lipid peroxidation antioxidant effect
  • Antimutagen characteristics
  • I look and function and am improved and act

3. in vivo test

It is necessary to examine an internal change to discuss functionality when I did ingestion of food including the anthocyanin.
An internal change is examined with Cyanidin 3-glucoside and Delphinidin 3-glucoside for a pharmacological examination mainly till now.

The study example of superoxide radical-scavenging activity of billberry extract and anthocyanin

SOD radical-scavenging activity


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