Donated a chair

We have established donated a chair -Department of Natural Resources and Physiolosical Chemistry- in Tokyo Medical and Dental University, so we are promoting high quality collaborated research. Especially, we isolated and structure elucidated platelet formation stimulating factor from peanuts skin. Moreover, we derive their analogues, and develop as candidate compound for medicine.

Kazusa satellite laboratory

Kazusa satellite laboratory is in a Bio collaboration research and development center, which is base of Industry and academia, and research institution affiliated with Kazusa DNA Res.Inst, and we are promoting collaboration positively.

Collaborate and contract research institute and contents

Chiba University

NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization): gene functional analysis related glycyrrhizic acid biosynthesis Memory improvement effect of Kasho extract (Japanese pepper extract) Development of manufacturing method for corosolic acid etc

Advanced Industrial science and technology (AIST)

Component analysis of peanuts skin extract
Antiaging effect of Ashwagandha leaf extract etc

University of Florida

Antidepressive effect of Rafuma extract   etc

Kurashiki Medical Center(Kurashiki Seijin-byou Center)

Antioxydative activity of Rafuma extract
Vasodepressor effect of blueberry extract etc

Kazusa DNA Res.Inst.

Development a functional foods and cosmetics used agricultural products
NEDO: gene hunt related glycyrrhizic acid biosynthesis pathways   etc

Nihon University

NEDO: gene functional analysis related glycyrrhizic acid biosynthesis etc

Iwate Medical University

NEDO: gene hunt related glycyrrhizic acid biosynthesis pathways etc


Clarification of glycyrrhizic acid biosynthesis pathways etc

Chiba Institute of Science

Clarification of antianxiety mechanism of Rafuma extract etc

Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences

Disposition and antioxydation of blueberry extract etc

The University of Tokushima

Antidepressive effect of Rafuma extract
Antidepressive effect of Ginkgo biloba extract etc

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

Ginkgo biloba extract and drug Interaction etc

Nara Medical University

Restore blood flow mechanism of Ginkgo biloba extract etc

Okayama University

Improvement effect about sensitivity to cold, second disease of stroke etc

Kanazawa University

Stool smell erasure effect of peanuts skin extract   etc