To promote development of the product with a high originality and a high-quality research, our company positively performs the projects such as NEDO and JST exploiting the competing capitals and also our company collaborates with researchers of universities and research institutes.

NEDO:New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organaization

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organaization (NEDO), Japan’s largest public management organization, promotes research, development and dissemination of industrial, energy and environmental technology.

We study glycyrrhizin biosynthesis in Glycyrrhiza plants (licorice) and develop efficient production technologies of glycyrrhizin as a participant
company in NEDO’s project “Fundamental technologies for controlling the material process of plants”.

 Glycyrrhizin is used as a flavoring and natural sweetener in the world. In addition, it has various pharmacological effects.  The production of glycyrrhizin depends on the collection of wild licorice mainly in China.
However, the collection of the licorice is restricted to prevent the desertification in China.  To ensure the stable supply of glycyrrhizin by
the biotechnological approach such as the molecular breeding of licorice, the understanding of the glycyrrhizin biosynthesis is important.
Furthermore, the efficient industrial production of glycyrrhizin leads to the reduction of the burden on the environment such as CO2 emissions.


高付加価値製品の開発 ←
  • High-purity glycyrrhizin
  • Novel bioactive compounds
  • Metabolite library
  • Useful genes

Functional identification of licorice genes


  • Molecular breeding of licorice for high glycyrrhizin content and/or improvement of saponin components


Establishment of cultivation techniques of licorice

→ 環境問題の解決
  • Prevention of over harvesting
  • Prevention of desertification
  • Efficient industrial production of glycyrrhizin
  • CO2 emissions reduction

JST: “Modeling” 2007

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) aims to establish Japan as a nation built on the creativity of science and technology, as a core organization for implementing Japan's science and technology policy in line with the objectives of the Science and Technology Basic Plan. Please see the homepage of JST in detail.

“Modeling” program aims to put these "New Technological Concepts" held by R&D oriented middle or small-sized companies into concrete form, or model them on a trial basis, in cooperation with researchers of universities and research institutes (called "Modeling").

Using "modeling" program, our company examined the compounds were isolated and identified from the testa of peanut in collaborative investigation with the Tokyo Medical and Dental University from 2005 to 2007.