The talent of the plant is made to flower

The Phytochemical Laboratory of TOKIWA always investigates new products according to your needs. We have researched and developed herbal extracts with exclusive science and technology. To satisfy all of our clients, we keep on studying and researching phytochemical products by not only ourselves but collaborating universities and national science institutes.

Flow Chart for R&D


Any kinds of our development are started from marketing. Who is our target? Where is our target commerce? Is the target commerce blue/red ocean? The answer gives us some solutions. What kinds of herbal extract are attractive to the market? How much is the price in market? To follow market needs or wants in the world, our global network that we established since 1949 can work all the time.

STEP2Raw Material Selection

Selection of raw material is the key process to produce good products. Because we specify any products by biologically active components, the living place and the harvest season extremely important. We have enough knowledge about them & this is one of the reasons why our product is always stable with high quality.

STEP3Preproduction in Laboratory

According to our excellent knowledge of separation, extraction and purification over the years, the best condition of production can be found. Our challenge is to forecast the novel method of manufacturing with many kinds of solvent and facilities. Following analytical equipments support the development of manufacturing with trustworthy accumulated data.

possession equipment

STEP4Pilot-scale Manufacturing

In order to achieve mass production with the same performance in the preproduction, intermediate scale practice (several kg to 100 kg) is necessary. Technical Development department takes over this process with perfect collaboration with R&D department.

STEP5Real Production

After passing the test in pilot-scale, production can be launched. Several hundred kg to several ton scales must be performed. To assure the quality standard, the Manufacturing department perfectly performs the SOP (standard operation procedure) designed by Technical Development department.

STEP6Bulk Productions

After real production was gotten on the right track and stable, we standardize methods of analysis, amount of active ingredient, microorganisms and residual solvents etc., and start distribution as an extract met the standard for quality of Tokiwa. As above test samples at each stage of laboratory scale, pilot plant scale, factory scale, we promote research for creating better productions with running over analyzing components and evaluation of functionality. Additionally, we assemble these information as comprehensible production literatures, and reflect them in business operations.

STEP7Evaluations of functionality and safety

Evaluations of functionality and safety of plant extracts are operation for enhancing something extra as evidence. Our products are not only extract, we perform various evaluations for responsible and safety products. These stages are range from primary evaluation in vitro, evaluation with cell or mice, moreover clinical trial with volunteers. Our company don’t have equipments for using cells and animals, but build networks with various universities and research institutes, and is accumulating data with expanding collaborative researches.

The joint research organization

STEP8Reagent for research

Tokiwa had purified and isolated various plant components, and provided them as material of collaborative research with many research institutes. In 2007, taking advantage of accumulated purification technologies, we started production and distribution of pure compounds (standard compounds) for research.


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