We were awarded the second best of the Ambitious Business Award provided by Tokyo Chamber of Commerce.


The Ambitious Business Award was created by Tokyo Chamber of Commerce to award small- to mid-scale companies or organizations that are striving to overcome certain challenges or reach their philosophy goals.


It’s been 11 years since Jin Tatsuzaki became our president, and we’ve faced many difficult challenges throughout those years. Though we’ve managed through each problem as a company with strong unity, which received recognition of the awarders.


There were two other commended qualities; our effort in producing ingredients that comply with FFC (foods with functional claims), and targeting to have proper company health management.


FFC is a recently growing trend of food labeling system, where food products with scientifically backed evidence for improving one’s health can be labelled with their health claims. Recently our FFC applicable ingredients have more than tripled in number, from 3 to 10, increasing the chance of contributing to public health.


As for the health management, we’ve created a very original health supplement for improving the employees’ health. Since there were overwhelming positive feedbacks from them, we’ve decided to make it available for sale to companies that desire their workers’ wellness as well!


We feel very honoured to receive such an award, and we will take this excitement and focus even more on innovation and work towards important causes like the SDGs.

Thank you all for your continuous support!